Thursday, June 21, 2012

End of School

I enjoy the kids being home and not having to go to school.
Yesterday was the last day for our school district.  The kids played outside until late, it was great to see them hang out with their friends.

I have been working on Cub Scout day camp program write ups- camp is only 3 weeks away, I cant believe its come around so quickly.

Jason plans on beginning the pantry this weekend. I am excited to see how that turns out. I am definately going to take before and after pictures. I think I am excited to have more cabinet/counter space; especially this fall for canning.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

How does your garden grow...

Its been pretty wet around here so far this spring, we had such nice weather for May, I suppose Mother Nature must have decided she spoiled us too much with all the sun. My tomatoes have blossoms on them, and my strawberry plaints are full of berries. All we need is a little more sun :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

This and that..

    Things have been busy here. We have been weeding the garden, cleaning out the shed and the garage, preparing for my husband to leave for school. We have been going over the budget to see where we can trim to save money while he is away. 
     My garden is doing well so far, my strawberry plants are loaded. I should get a decent amount this year. Last year was sad, I only had enough to make 24 1/2 pints of jam. My peas are growing, my pepper plant and tomatoe plants have blossoms on them as well.
    Jason plans on beginning the kitchen cabinets once he is home from  his annual training. I look forward to having a pantry, and to not have all my extra groceries in the garage :)
   The boys have 12 days of school left. I will be glad. I like the summer; things are slower pace and more laid back. It is nice to take a step back and breath. Fall is busy here, canning, football and soccer; school beginning. I enjoy when the boys are home.