Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Week of March 27

Well, I had intentions of updating this blog every week, ha ha ha
Then life threw a curveball at me.
Things have just been busy. I started a second job. I like it so much, I am quitting my first job. Too much drama and non sense.
Here at the house, we have numerous projects going. We began work at installing a chain link fence. Work is currently on hold though due to the weather. This is the first time since 2011 Utah has not had drought conditions. We have had so many gray, drizzly days I have felt as if I am in Seattle.
Hubby did get the garden tilled. We will do it again before we plant. 
I got a rooster. He is pretty, not aggressive. He is almost 2. He is amazing with my hens. 
I will need to take some pictures of him.
Hubby cut down 6 big trees in the back. They were some kind of elm tree. They were spindly, would leak sap, loose beaches every time it as breezy. I'm glad they are gone. We are planning on putting a shed back there, along with some fruit trees. We have a large pile of limbs. We plan on renting a chipper to take care of them. We will then spread the chips around our lot. Our soil is sandy, so I try to compost to help improve it.
We also decided to do a small remodel project, because we just didn't have enough going on...
We had a large closet in the laundry room. The back side of it was the boys room. We closed off the laundry room side and opened up the boys side.

This closet easily quadruples the space they had. I am very happy with it. I sprayed the texture, once it was dry I applied the first coat of primer. We are hoping to have it done by this weekend.