Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Good news

We applied to be foster parents here in Utah, months ago ( finished the class March). We have had various papers lost ( one of our referrals, a packet of paper I mailed from the post office).
My licensor contacted me today. We have an appointment the middle of September for our home study and home inspection!
4 weeks to get everything together.

First week of August.

We have now lived in our house almost 7 months.
The project list isn't getting any shorter!
Today I am off, so the kids and I have several projects to work on today.
We have to rep,ace the roof on the chicken coup. We used corrugated plastic roofing. One of the sections broke in the last wind storm. We were at habitat for humanity last wee. They sell roofing shingles for cheap. So, that's on the list for today. To go purchase the supplies. We also have Russian olives and cotton less cottonwood trees popping up. The boys will be ripping/ cutting those down today as well.
It rained all day yesterday which was nice. We enjoyed the cooler weather. I am ready for fall. I'm not looking forward to the mess from the leaves. I do love the colors!
Happy Tuesday!