Saturday, October 31, 2015

Kitchen countertops

Hubby and I spent tons of time thinking and looking and discussing what to do with our countertops.
I like green, but this isn't my first choice. This pictures is right after we moved in.

We found some tiles that we both liked for the back splash ( yes, backwards)
Last weekend we heavily discussed using tile.
There is an outlet store nearby, so we went to check them out. We found tile that we both liked!
Let the demo begin.
We ( actually the kids) tore up the old counter top. We found an old Mountain Dew can

Jason and the boys set up the wet saw, laid out the tile then began to cut.

We are going to trim the bottom with wood, I have the stain and sealer already.
Hubby is super happy with how this project is going. My cabinets are in good shape, so that is one bonus we have.
The goal for today is grout and attach the wood trim.
I think the boys are getting tired of TV dinners!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

This and that's

Life is busy as usually.
I can't believe it's already October. It hasn't froze yet, we are awaiting! I love cold weather. 
Friday I went to Idaho to visit a sweet friend of mine. She moved a month before me. The good thing is it take me 2 1/2 hours to get to her place.
Saturday we took the kids to a pumpkin patch. We had a blast.
I would have taken more pictures but my phone died.

I left at 3 yesterday. It was warm

See all those dots? Those were bugs. i couldn't believe my windshield was that gross!
I did take my van thru the carwash.

In the nick of time

I got off work, began cleaning out the chicken coop. Hubby and boys replaced the roof. As I'm cleaning it, my phone beeps showing severe thunderstorm warning. Great. I could hear the thunder rolling off in the distance. I managed to get the old bedding to the compost and the new bedding in there as the hail hit.
We didn't get much thunder or lightening. The wind and rain were crazy! The NWS said wind gusts up to 60-75 mph were possible. I was waiting for some of my trees to snap!

After the storm blew by, I went to check the inside of the coop. It was nice and dry.

* this was done August 8, I didn't realize it didn't post!