Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas present

So, leave it up to hubby and I to come up with creative projects before Christmas. Over our fireplace, we had this large mirror

Here is a view. We also had several cases holding our CD's and DVD's. We had been talking about taking down the mirror and putting up shelves where the amoire was.
So, Jason called my dad and borrowed his grinder. The mirror was held by two slids, but the rubber inside the slides was hard. The mirror was not going to move.
We removed the mirror. It exposed that lovely wood paneling ( cough cough)

 So with the mirror gone, I then primered and painted the paneling. Its too cold to mess with drywall right now ( and who wants the mess two days before Christmas)

We then waited for it to dry, then moved the TV.
I really liked how it turned out. My boys and husband then constructed the new shelfing unit.
I was getting excited to make more room in my living room and to open up the space.
Here is the final result:

The best thing- this cost us a fraction by doing the work ourselves. We still have finishing touches, however it will have to wait. Jason is getting ready to leave for school, so it will be on his "honey do list" when he returns. Its nice having more space!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pre Christmas

So, here I sit, listening to Christmas music and watching my kids play video games. I have made one batch of carrot cake muffins, baked two loaves of chocolate chip banana bread, and am waiting for my butter to warm up to bake some mini cupcakes for my in-laws Christmas tonite. I'm sad Christmas is almost here, I have really enjoyed it this year. My shopping is done ( yes, I started in OCTOBER this year). I love explaining the importance of this holiday, why the Saviors birth is important. I love creating memories, so my kids can reflect and smile and/ or laugh.