Saturday, June 7, 2014

This week

As of the 30th of this month, hubby will be retired from the military!
He had to go to Camp Murray for a meeting, so he is home this weekend.
I will have the luxury of getting up at  O dark thirty to take him to Yakima.
He only has 7 weeks of school left, then he will be home.
I made him some chocolate granola to take back with him.

The weather has been great here, I have been picking lots of strawberries already.
I have to add more twine to my fencing, as my peas have really shot up in the last several days.
My lettuce is almost big enough to begin harvesting.

My oldest graduates in a week. We will be having an open house. Nothing too stressful.
I have been working on putting my clutter away. 
Someday, when I don't work full time, I will have the time to complete my projects.
I did get the laundry room finished. All the walls are painted. It looks good, if I do say so myself.
All we need is new flooring in the basement.

Here is my dog, playing in the sprinkler.
He is silly.