Sunday, July 26, 2015


My boys came back home Friday from Philmont. They had an amazing time.
The charter bus was late picking them up, so they didn't get to Denver until 230. ( they were suppose to be in around 1230). Traffic was horrible, but once I got out of Fort Collins it was smooth sailing.
I was beat, I left the day before and slept in the truck. I was hoping to be back home by 9,930. Reality was we pulled in just before midnight.
The boys each have amazing stories. The adults told me they did great, that they were natural leaders and did great at working together. They hiked 70 miles in 12 days.
I am glad I worked all the hours/OT I did so they could go.

My boys are on the far right in the tan shirts.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

News for this week

This past week has been an adventure.
My Father in Law came down in June to stay with us. He has a lovely ulcer on the back of his leg that was not improving. Whether it was negligence on his part, the wound clinic or both we arent too sure. He is staying with us until it heals. The boys have enjoyed having "big papa" here.
I was going to start school this fall, but will wait until winter term. There is too much with appointments and working to fit school in at this time.
Its been cool here this week. It rained here yesterday. It got everything good and watered.
I planted some boxwoods last Saturday. I am hoping that they grow tall enough to block the sun from hitting the windows. My thought is that if we block the sun, then it will help keep the house cooler. Its been nice not having the AC unit on. My pocket book will be happy as well.
The middle boys are at Philmont. They will be home Friday. I have a feeling it will be a long 8 hour ride home. 12 days without showers. Magical.
School starts for the boys in August. This year has gone by fast. I cant believe we have been here in Utah almost 8 months. We have done alot of work in the house in that time. My goal for this fall and winter will be to replace the rest of the flooring and to finish painting. Rome wasnt built in a day.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cooling down

The temperature has come down, it feels wonderful!
We have had some interesting clouds and an occasional thunderstorm.

I began painting my kitchen. When we moved in, it was half painted. The previous homeowner left 3 1/2 gallons of paint. I have been using it. Got the kitchen and ceiling done. Have been working on the living room ceiling.
It's nice to have walls all the same color.
Friday nite I moved my four young hens in with the rest of the flock. No major problems yet. The hens depend most their day sitting under the tree we took down. It has begun to regrow and looks like a bush. The hens seem to enjoy it, so I am leaving it alone.
We planted two trees last week. We are hoping they will grow and shade the house rom the sun. I hare running the AC. My room stays cool, but I have a huge tree that shades that part of the house in the afternoon. The windows magnify the heat. We hung thermal curtains but the heat is intense in the afternoon/evening.

Here is the tree that we took down. Glad my hens get protection from the heat!