Friday, April 26, 2013

Projects Projects Projects

My hubby arrived home a few weeks ago from his first year at BYU-I.  Its good to have him home, I'm not too sure who was more excited, the boys or him.  Needless to say, he has been busy here with the boys and the never-ending honey-do-list, as he likes to call it. We decided to put in a raised bed for herbs this week. He and the boys took scrap wood that we had to create it. As you can see, my hens were using it as a bird-dust bath area instead.

Here is the before area. Grass did not grow well there because there used to be a huge fir tree on my neighbors side of the fence. They removed it this fall. So, now I have lots of sun to plant things! ( Such as my dwarf apple trees)

Here are the younger boys digging and planting the trees... My FK is watching, he's never lived any place or with anyone who gardens or does yard work or crazy projects :)

Here the kids are, haming it up... BTW- this picture is evident that there is sun in the Seattle area..

Here is the almost-finished project. I just need to add my dirt, and then I can plant away... My hens were eating all sorts of grubs and bugs, which I am thankful for. I tell my husband they are dual purpose. I use them for eggs and pest control.

My husband was able to expand the garden. Son #3 was kind enough to put the chicken wire up between the fencing to keep my little dogs out.

 I look forward to getting the dirt in there and seeing how much I grow in that space this year. My garden did really well last year, one of my goals for this year is to stagger my seeds. I do have some volunteer lettuce and spinach growing. I am leaving it for now. We can eat it all the same once it is big enough. I am also going to look into how to save seeds once my plants bolt. If I can save some money, why not-right?

Unfortunately for us, the rain is suppose to be moving back in tomorrow. We have really slacked with homeschool this week. One of my goals for tomorrow is to make an itinerary for my son and husband to follow for the week.  We'll see how much I get done tomorrow.