Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday 18th

Hubby got hired for a "temp" job. It is for at least 8 weeks, maybe longer. He was told to expect OT. The employees have been working 10 hour shifts, and if one chooses they can do weekends too.
Hubby says at least he can "get experience",as he waits for his applications to be processed.

I noticed today at work that the trees are starting to change colors.
My maple out front is beginning to turn red. My dream for that tree is to put up a tire swing. I just have to wait for it to get big enough.

Foster kiddo #2 turns 3 on Sunday. We got his birthday presents the other day. I am excited. I am going to make m&m cupcakes. He doesn't like ice cream, and really isn't into store bought cake. I know he likes cupcakes though.

Andrew and Ryan have started football. They both seem to be enjoying it. Their next game is Thursday. The bad thing is that their games are at different schools. 
I am glad the weather has cooled down slightly. I got down some of my fall decor.

I got these on clearance last year. I think I paid under $10 for both these guys.
I found some cute decoration ideas on Pinterest, but will probably wait until next year before doing any of them.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saturday project

So, several weeks ago hubby built a planter around our blue spruce out front.

It ended being more work than he expected.
He and the other boys went camping last nite and I knew were going to be gone most of today. That left me with my oldest boy and the two little boys. Last night, the little ones were asleep by 8. 
They awoke around 730. I knew today was going to be really warm, so I began working on filling in this planter. I got it done. My one day lily was hard to dig up, luckily oldest came out and dug it up for me.

Here's the finished project:

I worked on some of the planters that are on our property line

It's hard to see, I planted 4 mums...

And spread red cedar mulch. It smells so good...

Hope you've had a great Saturday!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Things continue to be chaotic here.
All the kids start school tomorrow. They objected when hubby kicked them out of bed this morning. He told them he wanted to make sure they were prepared to be ready on time tomorrow, lol.
Hubby had an interview today, he will be contacted within two days to let him know whether or not he got the job.

I canned 70 pounds of tomatoes and 125 pounds of peaches. By Saturday, I was tired of canning. It was so warm here Tuesday and Wednesday, I was scared that i may not get it all done in time. I spread the peaches out on my dining room table, I only had a few that were bad ( they were given to the hens). 

I worked out in my garden a bit.

These are the strawberry plants that volunteered themselves. I have a friend coming over tomorrow to get some. I think I may dig up what I can and free cycle the rest.

My garden is a mess. My lettuce bolted after the heat last week. My tomatoe plants are full though.

I picked a big bowl of tomatoes yesterday.

It rained all say Saturday. We purchased a rain barrel a couple weeks ago. It was full in a few hours.

 The crazy thing is out upper roof drains to the lower roof. So we will need to figure out how many containers we will need.

That can add up to a lot of water for the plants for next summer.

These are my newest projects. I am working on making the little kids finger puppets and a quiet book to play with in the car when we are on the road.