Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saturday project

So, several weeks ago hubby built a planter around our blue spruce out front.

It ended being more work than he expected.
He and the other boys went camping last nite and I knew were going to be gone most of today. That left me with my oldest boy and the two little boys. Last night, the little ones were asleep by 8. 
They awoke around 730. I knew today was going to be really warm, so I began working on filling in this planter. I got it done. My one day lily was hard to dig up, luckily oldest came out and dug it up for me.

Here's the finished project:

I worked on some of the planters that are on our property line

It's hard to see, I planted 4 mums...

And spread red cedar mulch. It smells so good...

Hope you've had a great Saturday!


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    1. Thanks. It was more work than I planned it to be, bit worth it.

  2. That is a fine looking planter. I like that he leveled it with what appears to be an extra layer underneath. He is very precise, I see. Lucky you. I cannot imagine looking for trouble and imagining all that could go wrong! He did a great job. I just wish I had a "Jason."

    1. My front yard slopes, so he and the boys had to dig more up at the front than the back. Truthfully, I didn't even think about that when I was buying the bricks. I love how it looks.

  3. I hope you don't mind having a little drool on your post. He did a great job, nice and level, and those blocks are quite heavy for their size!