Saturday, August 2, 2014


This morning I awoke to a beautiful sunrise.
I noticed the clouds were quite tall for around here.

I watered my strawberries and part of my garden. I was in doing the dishes when it began to downpour. We had some hail too.

We helped one of my co workers move. There was thunder here, but since I was in Olympia I missed it. It was warm and humid all day.

My fuchsia has been loving it!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy Friday!

Hubby is home. He  has officially graduated with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering.
He is the first one of his 9 siblings to accomplish that goal. He has spent the last several days applying for jobs, and working on his "honey do list"..

Hubby already power washed both back patios. He did have to fix a part on his power washer. It was an easy fix.

We have decided to not move. We really have been going back and forth on it. We have done a lot of work here, and I really don't want to start all over. I also do not want a mortgage payment when I am 80. We will stay here, and expand out the lower level. If we have enough money, we will expand out the backside of the house. That would give us more than enough space for what we need.

Its been warm here. My garden is doing ok. My spinach died. Not too sure what happened there, as my lettuce, kale and chard are doing well. I have a volunteer tomato plant that is loaded with blossoms. The bees have been all over, I am hoping for a good crop this year. We are planning this fall to rent a rototiller and mix the soil with the compost I have been piling up on the edges.

We are hoping to replace the chicken coup this fall. He has drawn up a new design. We are going to get thick/better wood this time. It will be 4 inches taller, which will make it easier to clean.

The kids have been going through their items in their rooms, and getting rid of what they don't need. I have had them go through their clothes, Ryan has outgrown all of his jeans. My one foster kiddo has shot up in the last month. He got a bike for his birthday in March, and is already too tall for it. We picked him up another one last Saturday. He really likes riding it. Andrew is good at taking him out with him. They practice how to correctly cross the street and how to turn and brake. He still has training wheels on it, I don't think he quite has the balance yet to take them off.

We went to Wally world tonight, and there was an old car show. My kids and husband LOVE mustangs. I pointed one out to the 2 year old, and said that is a mustang. He repeats," a mustank". I got a good laugh out of it, however my husband did not find it as humerous.