Tuesday, November 1, 2016


When we moved in here, the house had laminate flooring in the kitchen/dining room, carpet upstairs and downstairs, ceramic (smooth) tiles in the master bath, and the original linoleum in the bathroom upstairs and not the laundry room. We began changing out the flooring the first spring we were here. We purchased laminate. We installed it in our last house. It held up well, considering how hard the boys were on the floor
A year and a half later, I am not happy with how this flooring has lasted. I have been looking into other, affordable choices. I have boys, do foster care, and have 3 large dogs. My flooring gets a ton of use. I was surfing the web, looking for ideas. I found sneak diy plywood planks. I started looking and researching. I think that cost wise, it will be more practical than buying and installing hardwood flooring.  My husband would need a new table saw. It's the perfect excuse to buy one,right? I have no problems with staining and sealing. I like that I can have the floors as light or dark as I wish. We are planning on making the stairs hardwood. I feel the plywood planks will give it a better flow. I will be tearing out all the trim when we redo the floors. I have some ideas. I have lots of time to play.