Thursday, October 23, 2014


     I am beat. The traffic here in the Seattle area has been something else.
My husband finally received his formal job offer. He is awaiting for the employer to verify his military background. He should be starting the end of November, beginning of December. The only downside is, it is in Utah at Hill Air Force Base.
    My foster kiddos should be leaving in December or January. Once that happens, I have a few house repairs to make then the house goes on the market. I have been trying to go thru things, to make the move easier. My sister will take my couches. The boys went thru all their jackets in the coat closet. Anything that was too small went into a basket. I will take that to the next foster parent meeting to see if there are any teens that may be interested in them. I am hoping this weekend to get into the crawl space and go through the items in there. I know I have snow pants that the kids have also outgrown.
I already told my boss my plans, so that it also taken care of. I'm not looking forward to packing the house up and having to change my nursing license over. Then there is the task of finding another job. Grr. We will see what comes up.
My kids are excited. Epic asked if he could get a dirt bike, the younger two asked for a swimming pool. Those seem like reasonable requests.
I just want a four bedroom home, with a gas range and a pantry. And a garden space and to be able to have my hens.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


I am not a patient person.
I admit this.
I really dislike not knowing what is going on.
Hubby has a job offer in the works, they were hoping to have his official job offer today, but it didn't come.
There will be some major life changing things coming about.

My blue spruce is still standing. The poor tree people had a job in Seattle and got stuck in the traffic. All I could do was laugh. Seattle traffic stinks on a good day. It was too bad. Today was great weather wise.
My tree gets to "live" another day.
Hopefully, it comes down tomorrow.
Hopefully tomorrow I will have some better news to share.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pumpkin patch and Blue spruce

We went to the pumpkin patch this past weekend.
The little kids had a great time.
The pumpkin patch we went to is located in the valley.
It was grey and very breezy

Epic was a good sport, he offered to push around the wheelbarrow.

FK #2 had quite the time picking out the "right" pumpkin.

As for my blue spruce..
Its in my front yard, not to far from my house. The roots stretch towards the front..

As much as I like the tree, hubby and I have decided to have it taken down. Whats crazy, I have called several tree removal places ( got the names of the BBB. Many aren't licensed and bonded.)
Only two have called me back. Only one has given me an estimate. The other is suppose to come by today. We will see.

Monday was really nice here, I raked up two big brown bags worth of leaves.
Cant tell I did looking at my yard today, lol.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Well, quite a bit has been in the works the last couple weeks.
Hubby got a job. It's a temporary position, there's no benefits; but it's better than nothing. He has an 8 week contract that will probably last longer than that. He worked 60 hours this week. He figured work all he can now, to get us a little bit ahead. Hubby put in for a job in Utah. He is suppose to know in the next couple weeks if he gets the position. I don't really want to move, as two are in high school and my family lives in the area. My grandmothers health isn't improving, I don't want to leave to turn around and come home. I also have great neighbors. They are the best. We all watch out for each other's stuff, and help if needed. Everyone is kind and the kids get along too.
I finally got ahold of my foster kiddos grandmother. She sounds like a sweet lady. She told me that the plan is for the kids to move in December. We both feel it should happen before Christmas. Considering how slow the state moves, we shall see. I finally got our renewal packet filled out. I have to take it to the post office tomorrow.
I am off tomorrow, I have tons of stuff to do. We are going to take down the blue spruce out front. The roots are coming towards the house. I don't want to wait until my foundation is messed up to do something about it. I like the tree, but like my house better, ha ha ha.
Starting the beginning of November my hours will be cut. I am looking forward to it,nas I'll have more time to take care of things here around the house.
This weekend i unburied my desk, filed bills, and shredded lots of papers. I cleaned up my room. I went thru my books. I have a small pile for goodwill. I got all the laundry done too! Today it was nice outside for a bit, so the kids were outside playing. It's weird, last weekend it was 80 out. This weekend it was in the mid sixties. Last nite was a little odd. We had lightening for over an hour. The clouds were super dark. Not a good time to get gas, lol. It was odd to look towards the west and the sky was bright ( the sun was setting) yet in the east it was black.
I am going to try download my pics tomorrow. We went to the pumpkin patch yesterday morning and had a great time.