Thursday, October 23, 2014


     I am beat. The traffic here in the Seattle area has been something else.
My husband finally received his formal job offer. He is awaiting for the employer to verify his military background. He should be starting the end of November, beginning of December. The only downside is, it is in Utah at Hill Air Force Base.
    My foster kiddos should be leaving in December or January. Once that happens, I have a few house repairs to make then the house goes on the market. I have been trying to go thru things, to make the move easier. My sister will take my couches. The boys went thru all their jackets in the coat closet. Anything that was too small went into a basket. I will take that to the next foster parent meeting to see if there are any teens that may be interested in them. I am hoping this weekend to get into the crawl space and go through the items in there. I know I have snow pants that the kids have also outgrown.
I already told my boss my plans, so that it also taken care of. I'm not looking forward to packing the house up and having to change my nursing license over. Then there is the task of finding another job. Grr. We will see what comes up.
My kids are excited. Epic asked if he could get a dirt bike, the younger two asked for a swimming pool. Those seem like reasonable requests.
I just want a four bedroom home, with a gas range and a pantry. And a garden space and to be able to have my hens.


  1. Your "wants" also seem reasonable--chickens, garden, and pantry.

  2. I agree - your wants definitely sound reasonable! :) Congratulations to your husband for receiving the formal job offer!