Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pumpkin patch and Blue spruce

We went to the pumpkin patch this past weekend.
The little kids had a great time.
The pumpkin patch we went to is located in the valley.
It was grey and very breezy

Epic was a good sport, he offered to push around the wheelbarrow.

FK #2 had quite the time picking out the "right" pumpkin.

As for my blue spruce..
Its in my front yard, not to far from my house. The roots stretch towards the front..

As much as I like the tree, hubby and I have decided to have it taken down. Whats crazy, I have called several tree removal places ( got the names of the BBB. Many aren't licensed and bonded.)
Only two have called me back. Only one has given me an estimate. The other is suppose to come by today. We will see.

Monday was really nice here, I raked up two big brown bags worth of leaves.
Cant tell I did looking at my yard today, lol.


  1. As we have very few deciduous trees in Perth we seldom see the coloured leaves you have in your autumn. When we were in New Zealand years ago it was autumn and I was amazed by the magnificence of the autumn colours. Hubby of course is used to it as he came from England in 1960 and says although they are lovely they are a lot of work but then he feels like that about snow as well.

    1. We don't get as much snow as I would like. Usually if it does snow, the neighbor kids collect if off the sidewalks to make forts with it.

  2. That pumpkin patch looks like a lot of fun!

    1. Its in downtown Kent. Its called Carpinitos. Its off of the west valley highway and 277th street. They have lots of stuff to do. If we went across the street ( where smith brothers dairy used to be) they have other things for the kids to do as well.