Sunday, June 18, 2017

Front yard

The boys and I have been working here and there on the front yard. 
I planted some flowers today.mits starting to come together.
These lilies are under my blue spruce

The tree above,Jason and I thought it had died. When it was beginning to bud, we had a hard freeze then snow. It looked sick. Jason cut back the grass, I spread Epsom salts around. The tree has made a come back! I am hoping it grows and spreads out. Our hope is that it will grow and provide shade in front of the house.
Jason worked on the bathroom. He hung the sheetrock and taped it. He will do the muddling next weekend. One step closer to being complete.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Bathroom progress

Thomas and Jason got the window changed, put up the cement board for the shower stall.

It's so nice!

This will be the shower stall
This is the base. Jason will pour in the mortar tomorrow

The sink will go there

Tomorrow is one day closer to it being finished!