Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Week of March 27

Well, I had intentions of updating this blog every week, ha ha ha
Then life threw a curveball at me.
Things have just been busy. I started a second job. I like it so much, I am quitting my first job. Too much drama and non sense.
Here at the house, we have numerous projects going. We began work at installing a chain link fence. Work is currently on hold though due to the weather. This is the first time since 2011 Utah has not had drought conditions. We have had so many gray, drizzly days I have felt as if I am in Seattle.
Hubby did get the garden tilled. We will do it again before we plant. 
I got a rooster. He is pretty, not aggressive. He is almost 2. He is amazing with my hens. 
I will need to take some pictures of him.
Hubby cut down 6 big trees in the back. They were some kind of elm tree. They were spindly, would leak sap, loose beaches every time it as breezy. I'm glad they are gone. We are planning on putting a shed back there, along with some fruit trees. We have a large pile of limbs. We plan on renting a chipper to take care of them. We will then spread the chips around our lot. Our soil is sandy, so I try to compost to help improve it.
We also decided to do a small remodel project, because we just didn't have enough going on...
We had a large closet in the laundry room. The back side of it was the boys room. We closed off the laundry room side and opened up the boys side.

This closet easily quadruples the space they had. I am very happy with it. I sprayed the texture, once it was dry I applied the first coat of primer. We are hoping to have it done by this weekend.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Happy Saturday

Today was beautiful. It got up to 52 degrees. Thus morning was the first morning in I-don't-know-how-long that the hens water wasn't a block of ice. I enjoyed the sun. Cleaned out my henhouse, put in fresh bedding. The snow however, is almost up to my knees. It made it challenging trying to work in the  backyard.
The mountains (Wasatchs) are so pretty with all the snow!

No shortage of snow here..

Friday, February 3, 2017

Week 5

This last weekend, we were at a store and noticed they had appliances for sale. We purchased a new fridge (28.6) .  Our old fridge was 20.2, I simply don't have time to go to the store multiply times a week.
We worked all week de icing and removing snow off the back patio.
We get the fridge, go to hook it up..
The fridge was too wide. By not even a quarter of an inch. Yes, the boys had a great time teasing their dad about measure twice, cut once to make sure you aren't off.

My solution: buy new cabinets. They are unfinished, I can stain them :)
I about gagged when Jason and TJ removed the old cabinet. The amount of mouse poop was disgusting.

I was going to make lasagna for dinner, hahaha

We had almost everything put together last night. Jason still has to cut down the counter top.
I love the space this fridge has.
We will have lasagna tonight...

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Week 3-4

The amount of snow that we have received here has been crazy. We have had more gray days than I can remember since moving here two years ago. Yesterday and today were sunny. It was amazing to see the blue sky.

This is my driveway and front walk way.

This is the walkway leading up to the front door

There is my poor suburban. Good thing we tarped it before the snow began.

Needless to say, we have spent a lot of time shoveling and deicing.
The younger boys went camping last night. They said they were cold, but had a lot of fun.
Hubby and I went to the store just to look at lights. We wandered to the appliances, noticed they had refrigerators on sale. We bought one. This one is similar to my old one in Washington. I'm excited because 1) it's bigger, so it will hold more 2) I really dislike going to the grocery store. 
It will be delivered onThursday. I figure since it will be freezing, I can set any groceries I have in an ice chest and set it out back. It isn't going to be warm anytime soon, so we will be ok.

I love baking. Tonight I made a chocolate zucchini cake. We will have some for breakfast. Just because we can.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 2 2017

Yesterday morning, it was 22 degrees out, so I went for a walk

I love how the rays hit the snow. It was quiet, except for the occasional dog bark. The mountain tops are amazing. Two years ago when we moved here, the mountains were bare. There was lots of thick,freezing fog. I look out in out back yard, and wonder how long the snow will stay. We plan on taking down the Chinese Elm trees in the back (there are 6-7).  I plan on planting three more apple trees, and two peach trees.
My dogs caught two field mice this afternoon and killed them. It was 15 degrees this morning, it only got to 24 today. I'm not too sure why they weren't hibernating. Two less mice I have to worry about.
The kids have had a four day weekend. They didn't want to go anywhere. They all said it was too cold (I have to agree with them).  I made cinnamon rolls today

They came out amazing. 
My plans for this spring are to go on some road trips. Idaho has several beautiful waterfalls. I want to take the kids to see them. Growing up, my parents never took us on spontaneous road trips. My kids have traveled more than I ever did. I want to make an effort to see more historical sites. The kids are only young once.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Week 1 2017

It seems strange that the first week of 2017 is almost complete.
It's been below freezing here for the week. I love seeing the sun and the blue sky, but the cold takes your breath away. This summer/fall, we will be installing a pellet stove in the basement. My new windows are holding up amazing. No drafts, no ice!

Hubby and I decided each payday we will pick up something for the house. Today I picked up trim to put up around a door we replaced in the basement. Next pay day I will get some paint for the kitchen.
I am hoping by March, to begin replacing the rest of the Windows.

Andrew and I went to Lowes to pick up ice melt. We picked up 80 pounds. I don't want anyone slipping,falling or getting hurt in my driveway or walkway. As we went in, we spotted the vegetable seed display. I am hoping in a week, to begin planting and growing lettuce and spinach in my kitchen. The area is bright, gets plenty of sun.  Andrew was pouring over the watermelon seeds. 
I love spring, and being able to plant and grow things!