Tuesday, May 16, 2017

crazy weather

Here it is, the middle of  May, and the weather forecast is for "frozen mix"
We burned my garden area this weekend, hubby and son #3 used the neighbors rotatiller to mix it.
I was going to plant this weekend, glad i did not. I had to move my chicks back into the hen house. I know they have feathers, but I'm not too sure the little box i have is warm enough for them.
I do have to laugh, we live in what is considered a high plains desert. We have our secondary water (its canal water, its is what is used for watering lawns, agricultural uses) on, but have not actually turned on the sprinklers, or the AC for that matter. Several of my neighbors have been using their water religiously on their lawns. Late this morning the clouds opened up and it poured. There was so much water it was standing in places. We do plan on taking out areas of grass, and using rocks and gravel instead. I would rather use the water for my trees and garden instead of the grass.

I am hoping this weekend to plant my garden. I am planning on putting in tomatoes, jalapenos, zucchini, onions, and carrots. I want to do lettuce, but I think I will put this in containers and place it on the north side of the house, so it gets mostly shade. I was going to plant potatoes, but the doctor I work with is friends with a farmer in Idaho. I got 50 pounds of potatoes last year for $12 a bag. I canned most of them. They have been great to use in dinners. Pressure cooking them is the way to go. I dont have to worry about mice getting into them!

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