Tuesday, July 21, 2015

News for this week

This past week has been an adventure.
My Father in Law came down in June to stay with us. He has a lovely ulcer on the back of his leg that was not improving. Whether it was negligence on his part, the wound clinic or both we arent too sure. He is staying with us until it heals. The boys have enjoyed having "big papa" here.
I was going to start school this fall, but will wait until winter term. There is too much with appointments and working to fit school in at this time.
Its been cool here this week. It rained here yesterday. It got everything good and watered.
I planted some boxwoods last Saturday. I am hoping that they grow tall enough to block the sun from hitting the windows. My thought is that if we block the sun, then it will help keep the house cooler. Its been nice not having the AC unit on. My pocket book will be happy as well.
The middle boys are at Philmont. They will be home Friday. I have a feeling it will be a long 8 hour ride home. 12 days without showers. Magical.
School starts for the boys in August. This year has gone by fast. I cant believe we have been here in Utah almost 8 months. We have done alot of work in the house in that time. My goal for this fall and winter will be to replace the rest of the flooring and to finish painting. Rome wasnt built in a day.


  1. Greetings Young People! It is I , the Mohave Rat stopping by and leaving a comment so you know I was here! ha ha ha ha You have indeed done a lot in a relatively short period of time. Your efforts show in your pictures which I greatly enjoy. This month has not gone well for me and I will be glad to put July behind me.Keep living hard and loving hard and reaping all the joy there is to be had. Later.

  2. That's so good you could take your FIL in for a visit. Family is always very healing. Glad to hear you've got cooler temps and rain! That's always welcome. Your life is busy and full, but it sounds like you're making the most of it.