Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cooling down

The temperature has come down, it feels wonderful!
We have had some interesting clouds and an occasional thunderstorm.

I began painting my kitchen. When we moved in, it was half painted. The previous homeowner left 3 1/2 gallons of paint. I have been using it. Got the kitchen and ceiling done. Have been working on the living room ceiling.
It's nice to have walls all the same color.
Friday nite I moved my four young hens in with the rest of the flock. No major problems yet. The hens depend most their day sitting under the tree we took down. It has begun to regrow and looks like a bush. The hens seem to enjoy it, so I am leaving it alone.
We planted two trees last week. We are hoping they will grow and shade the house rom the sun. I hare running the AC. My room stays cool, but I have a huge tree that shades that part of the house in the afternoon. The windows magnify the heat. We hung thermal curtains but the heat is intense in the afternoon/evening.

Here is the tree that we took down. Glad my hens get protection from the heat!

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  1. So glad to hear your flock integration is going well with the youngsters. That's always a concern.

    I can't praise shade highly enough for its cooling abilities. Our summer breezes come mostly from the west. With no shade in the front yard, it's a hot breeze blowing onto the front porch. That same breeze is delightfully cool coming into the chicken coop, after passing under several mature oak trees. What a difference, and all because of trees.