Sunday, June 28, 2015

It's so hot

This is what happened to my soda, in my van



  1. Heat is finally affecting me in a way it never did before. What surprises me is that it affects me INSIDE the house where it's 20 degrees cooler than outside. Joe keeps saying it's the change in the barometric pressure, or some such nonsense. Imagine my surprise when I poured Coke into an empty water bottle and it EXPLODED, cap straight up into the roof of the car!

    1. My husband opened up a can of soda for his dad yesterday in the car, it exploded on him. I missed it.

  2. LOL. Not the heat and the exploding cans, but the Hobbit photo and caption. :) We finally got some relief from our scorching June days. I was downright chilly with 70°! Here's hoping the rest of the summer will be more comfortable.