Saturday, October 31, 2015

Kitchen countertops

Hubby and I spent tons of time thinking and looking and discussing what to do with our countertops.
I like green, but this isn't my first choice. This pictures is right after we moved in.

We found some tiles that we both liked for the back splash ( yes, backwards)
Last weekend we heavily discussed using tile.
There is an outlet store nearby, so we went to check them out. We found tile that we both liked!
Let the demo begin.
We ( actually the kids) tore up the old counter top. We found an old Mountain Dew can

Jason and the boys set up the wet saw, laid out the tile then began to cut.

We are going to trim the bottom with wood, I have the stain and sealer already.
Hubby is super happy with how this project is going. My cabinets are in good shape, so that is one bonus we have.
The goal for today is grout and attach the wood trim.
I think the boys are getting tired of TV dinners!


  1. Came over from Mr Rat. I have to ask if your home is Boise Cascade. It actual looks like our home. Same basic set up and cabinets.
    We could use some new counters but we re-place two of our windows.

    If you have time stop in. I always glad to share a cup of coffee.

    1. We live in Utah, by Hill Air Force base. Our plan is to start replacing Windows next year. Thanks for stopping by!