Sunday, April 22, 2012

    Today was a great day. We went up to Snoqualmie Falls.  We were hoping to go on the trail down to the river, but it is still closed. We came home, made lunch, and made a fire pit in the backyard. I made a fire later this afternoon, and the boys roasted hot dogs for dinner. It is so warm and sunny- I have missed this type of weather.
     Andrew and I planted lettuce, onions and carrots yesterday. My strawberry plants are beginning to blossom and my peas are beginning to sprout. I am contemplating what else to plant- this weekend I believe I will buy tomatoe plants.   I may have to buy some more containers for gardening. I know I want to plant at least one zucchini plant.I will be glad when my garden is producing enough I wont have to buy my veggies in the store. I think I may look into building a green house to extend the growing season here. I want to work at being more self reliant, and we are slowly succeeding. We now have our own chickens, we have garden spaces with the ability to expand, and lots of ideas to help us achieve our goal.

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