Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July

      The Fourth was busy here. We have been working on building our own kitchen cabinets. Jason did a great job on the pantry; now we are working on the kitchen nook area. I am excited. I have finished staining and sealing them. All we have left to do is make the doors and put on the counter tops ( which I have in the back of my truck).
      My garden is doing wonderful. I have gotten more strawberries than last year, I have zucchini that is starting to produce as well. We should have a good harvest this year.
      The boys put a window in the chicken coup- my one hen has finally stopped brooding. I am getting 5-7 eggs a day; we are really enjoying. I dont think I could ever go back to store eggs.
     I will post some pictures soon of our work around our home.

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