Sunday, November 18, 2012

Preparing for Thanksgiving

This past week, we celebrated our oldest turning 17. I think, where has the time gone. He chose to stay home. It was a nice, relaxing evening.

I have spent the last couple weeks looking up gardening ideas on Pinterest. I have found several. I am going to try them this spring. I am already planning my to do list for this spring. I really want to build an awning this year.
I want the back patio to be covered. I plan to also string a clothesline once it is built. I love hanging clothes to dry. Not only do they smell better, but it's money I save by not running the dryer. 

I have been working hard on being frugal, especially since we are living on one income while my husband is in school.  So far, we are doing ok. There is always room for improvement.

I have been working on getting more organized. The kids and I gathered 6 garbage bags of clothes and one big box of shoes. I gave these to a friend who was collecting clothing items for the Union Gospel Mission. I am still going thru items, some which I am trying to sell. I fixed a quilt I got from my Grandmother years ago. The boys were excited to use it again. It's a flannel patchwork quilt. It's soft and warm. 

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