Sunday, July 21, 2013


I enjoy having chickens. I love fresh eggs. I love that they eat all sorts of bugs. Simple things in life :)

The black one above is the one the boys have named Alpha. We weren't too sure she wasn't a he at first. She can be quite nasty at times.

Later this week I will be adding some more hens to my flock. I originally started out with four ( 2 rhode islands and 2 australorps). A gentleman in my church who lives by my parents ( which is a block from my house) moved, and I inherited 4 more. He used to have more, but a raccoon got into his hen house. Only 4 survived. I had one die 6 months later- I think she was egg bound. My hens are 2 1/2 years old. I am not getting as many eggs as I used to- much to my childrens dismay. Another lady in my church is looking to rehome some of her hens. They are 16 weeks old. I am looking forward to it! They are leghorns. I will post pics once I receive them!


  1. How wonderful you can have chickens in your neighborhood. We are hoping to buy a home on at least an acre so we can resume gardening [I miss my garden SO much this summer] and I keep trying to talk Pooldad into chickens. Goodness knows we use enough eggs. And there are only 4 of us now. I can only imagine how many you guys must use. ::smile::

    And your garden looks lovely. We are very blessed tho' that my beloved FIL still gardens and we get to share in his bounty. He has 4 plots where he lives with Mom and it is an abundance of goodies from May until October. So, I may miss gardening but we still get to enjoy delicious fruits and veggies.

    Hope you have a wonderful week! Hugs!

  2. Leghorns may not be as interesting to look at as, say your australorps, but golly, can they lay! I'm sure your boys will be delighted with them. :-)

    My laying flock when there is a place ready for them will probably be the heritage breed, Chantecler. They are very plain with white feathers and cushion combs. But they were bred for my Canadian climate and are duel purpose (meat and egg).

    Have fun with the new additions to your flock!