Saturday, December 14, 2013


I got two new foster kiddos today. Both boys,2 and 11. They live in this area, so no having to deal with out of district transportation! The daycare I like to use provides transport.
I have no idea how long they will be here. They are really sweet.
My only complaint is that the two year came with one set of pjs, 3 shirts and 2 pairs of pants.  His brother came with 4 pairs of underwear that are two sizes too big, and has a ack pack that is literally, falling apart at the seams. I went to the the sports store,as the had back packs on sale and got him one, I went to a kids second hand store and picked up more clotthes. Some of the items were brand new. I just need to get the older boy some socks and underwear, and they will be set.
We are getting ready for Christmas. Andrew and Ryan cleaned out their room. I have been working on mine. My goal is to tackle my desk and the garage. The garage is super scary. Jon and Tom worked on putting the tools away that they borrowed when fixing Matt's car. I am planning on making a dump run,so I want to get my money's worth.
I want to do one more thing tomorrow too. I want to try to make crackers. I love crackers. I have read that they are easy to make. We shall find out.


  1. Those boys are fortunate to come to such a caring home for Christmas.

    How did the crackers turn out?