Tuesday, May 13, 2014

This week

The weather has been GREAT! I am enjoying the sun, however my allergies are acting up as well.
Mother's Day was mellow. The boys and I hung clothes out to dry. I painted my kitchen Saturday, the paint was lighter than I expected. I will probably repaint it in a couple weeks.
The boys are counting down the weeks until school is out. They had no school Monday, and Memorial weekend they have no school Monday through Wednesday. They were good sports and did quite a few chores Monday. I'll have to create a list for them when they have all those days off.
Things are busy, but uneventful. One of my foster kids started counseling. His counselor is very sweet and patient. The FK's mom is now in treatment. Only time will tell if it's successful. 
I have been working in my garden. I planted more lettuce and beets. My peas are about 3 inches tall.
I need to wind twine up between the posts so the peas will wrap around them
I will try to post pics tomorrow.


  1. I am loving this weather! It's so nice! Do you have AC? Do you need it? We don't have AC and the windows are positioned just right to heat up the house completely in the summer.:P It's the price we pay for beautiful weather and GREEN! I hope your allergies calm down!

    1. We don't have AC. My husband and I both cant justify the cost. I don't like paying the power company any more money than I need to. My house does cool down if I put box fans in the windows. I'll gladly take this weather over anywhere else in the US.