Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday the 13th

Its been unusually warm here the last several days.
I had heard on the radio it hasn't been this warm in 5 years.
My tomatoes and zucchini are loving it.
I tried to share from weather bug the temperature, but it didn't work on my phone.. ( go figure)
The forecast for today is a chance of thunderstorms. My kids and I are anxiously awaiting. We LOVE thunder and lightening. We just don't get much around here.
The picture below is from last nite. Notice the cat laying over the edge of the bed....

Here is the weather bug pic I tried to post yesterday. I think it was 90 degrees for the high.

Yesterday my middle boys spent most of the day fixing their brothers car. Its a 92 topaz that is dying a slow death. Some temperature sensor thing went TU. It took the boys most of the day to figure it out. The good thing is, they did have the car fixed by 930 last nite. My second oldest was upset with himself that it took so long for him to diagnosis, I told him his dad learned by trial and error; it was a learning experience. I think he felt better about it today.
My husband graduates school in 10 days. I am ssooo excited that he is almost done.
It will be good for him to be home. My kids are super excited for him to be home as well. I know he is anxious to start working again. He told me he is tired of being a student.

As for my little foster kids, we still have them. Their mom went into treatment, however she did not last a week from being released. I feel so bad for the kids, they have not seen her in almost a month. The older boy asks me almost everyday if he has a visit. I tell him that she is really sick, and that when she is better he will be able to see her.

This week is cub scout day camp. I will be there Tuesday-Thursday for an evening camp. I figure the mosquitoes will be happy. I swear, they must smell me from miles away. What on earth was the purpose of a mosquito? Spider food? Surely there was a better critter that could have been created/evolved. This will be my last year of doing camp. I have been doing it for 7 years. Its time for someone new to step up. My younger two boys will be away at scout camp. Ryan is excited, as this is his first time attending a week long camp.

I am off this Friday- Sunday. My goal is to make some felt paper dolls and a felt Mr.Potatoe head. The foster kiddos saw some online, and they asked me to make them some. I already have the materials, now to just create the time.


  1. It was 95 here today, not as hot as it will get soon. The heat makes me lazy. Well, when I sweat, I have to quit.

    1. I don't do well with heat, hence why I live where I do.

  2. In our area of Florida, I get so tired of constant sunshine. It gets obnoxious after a while. Today is dark with thunder in the distance and I just enjoy staying in and enjoying the view.

    1. I love thunder and lightening. We just don't get much over here. If I want it, I have to go up into the mountains or eastern Washington.

  3. Yeah, it's been way too hot! Thankfully we've been able to enjoy two cooler days. Today is just gorgeous! I hope your husband finishes strong and that he comes home quickly!

    How hard on those foster kids. :( :(