Saturday, September 14, 2013


Things have been busy here- I keep hoping things will slow down, they just haven't yet. Hubby left Tuesday for Idaho. Its just been me and the kids. Things have been going well so far. The weather has been super crazy here. A week ago Thursday we had an incredible lightening storm. Usually around here, we get a couple flashes, then its all over. Thursday morning, I saw lightening the entire trip to work ( 40 minutes). They were incredible flashes. That night, it was impressive. I didn't stay up for it- the thunder shaking my house did wake me. The national weather service said there were over 500 lightening strikes. We had an inch of rain in 13 hours. My grass is very nice and green now.

Here is a picture of my fire place mantel ( ignore all the junk- this is how my house looks like after working all week and not being home in the evenings.)
Last Sunday Thomas sanded the mantle. We are going to re do it. We aren't sure what we are going to do. We have been playing around with ideas. I want a bigger mantle- we may just build around the existing mantle. We think that the previous owners may have secured it with construction adhesive ( that is how they did the paneling). I dislike sheet rock/drywall work. SSooooo, we have to resort to other ideas and methods.

I am in charge of awards for my cub scout pack. At the last committee meeting, we discussed having the dens do den flags. I have been put in charge of organizing and helping the dens create one. I have an idea in my head, my goal tomorrow is to make one. I was at the scout store today getting my adopted son a merit badge sash, they had big wolf, bear, and webelos badges. So, I bought one of each. I think the flags will be cute when they are done. I also need to make two arrows for the Arrow of Light award. The one I have to get started on this week, as the scout has earned a TON of awards. His will probably be one of the most  complicated arrows I have made. I like a challenge :) I am hoping that it will be great motivation for some of the parents to be more involved with their scouts.
Here is the arrow of light. pattern I use. The parents and scouts seem to really like the arrows. I use lots of feathers and beads in addition to the stripes. I will be taking pictures to show them off.


  1. Good luck with your mantel plans!

    We too have been having a lot of rain. We had a lake out back last week but it soaked into the ground pretty fast. We had a short heavy downpour earlier tonight as well. Fall is here!

  2. I love lightning storms. It's hard to believe we didn't have ONE storm with lightning this summer. It sounds like yours was a doozy!

    I also love mantels. There is one at the head of my bed, no fireplace, just a mantel. I don't know why the old peoples built houses with mantels that don't go any where (our house is about 150 years old). But they are neat. Good luck agreeing on what to do with yours.

    The arrow of light link took me to the Indestructible home page so I didn't see what you are making. I look forward to seeing those photos you promised. ;-)

    1. If you scroll to the second page, it gives the direction on how to make that particular arrow.

  3. I have the perfect solution and one that Jason will heartily endorse. Buy a larger television (I'd recommend a 50")and place it above the mantle. Then who is going to notice the clutter or the unfinished mantle? Okay. YOU, but no one else.