Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day

Its been busy as usual here.
Saturday I worked, went shopping at Hobby Lobby,then we had family pictures done, then a friends daughter's wedding to attend. I got several Christmas presents for family. They had a really good sale on some of the things my kids and nieces have been looking at.
The wedding was cute. The bride and husband are so sweet. We had a great time.

Sunday we went to church, then I decided I would clean/organize our bedroom. That was an all night excursion. At least it is clean.
As I was cleaning, my husband and middle boys decided to work on the oldest boy's car.
He finally figured out what the bugs were.

This is the part that what causing the problems. It required a new PCV valve and 2 cans of throttle body cleaner. Car idles just fine now. Hopefully my hubby will have time to take it through emissions tomorrow so we can get it tabbed.

As I was watering my flowers out front, I discovered this in my pot.

I  haven't seen this little guy out front, I was surprised when he stuck his head out of the pot. He has gold markings on him.

As I was vacuuming earlier, my cats were working hard- ha ha ha.

Its been warm and humid here. I will be glad when the temps come down more. There is thunder and lightening forecasted for today and Thursday, so hopefully this crazy weather streak will end soon.


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Yes, we are finding a lot of "hurry up and wait" in the adoption process. lol. We're supposed to have the rough draft of our home study early next week and then we wait again. I'd rather fill out paperwork than wait for things to happen! :)

    Congrats on adopting one of your foster boys! That's fantastic!!

  2. Christmas shopping? You're my hero! In September. I am going to be lucky to get through one last birthday before December hits, let alone think about that. Nicely done.

    And the kitties are cute! I want to do that. All day.

    Glad to see Dad and son got the car working well. I used to work on cars with my Dad. It was a blast. I am still a *cargirl* at heart.

    I just found out the small town/county we moved to doesn't require emissions [like our old county, also in VA] and I was tickled because we have 17 year old van that runs great, but we hold our breath every two years, wondering what is it going to cost to pass the emissions test. Another benefit of living in a less populated area.

    Hope you get to relax this weekend. But I suspect you will be up and running around, right? Take care. XO

  3. What was in the flower pot? Sorry, but I cannot see that well.

    It helps to have someone who can repair cars cheaply!

    1. It was a tree frog. I have 4 of them this year :) It has decided to take up residence in my flower pot.