Saturday, April 26, 2014


As usual, I've been working on projects here.
What I do depends on the weather, literally.
Easter the weather was decent. We went to my father in laws cousins house. They are close to us( 8 miles), beats driving 40+ miles.
When we returned home, I began to paint the laundry room/ boys bathroom 

This is a before pic.

Ignore the mess.
I had picked out a light green. One of the boys was with me when I purchased the paint. He said nothing  negative about the color.
I began painting

Needless to say, 2 of them objected, including the one that was with me when I bought the paint.
I conceded, and bought another color.

I got the blue up. My goal is to paint the green on the walls surrounding the washer and dryer.
I want to also paint the ceiling a bright white to help reflect the light.
It's been cool and rainy here, so not real good painting weather.

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