Sunday, April 6, 2014

This weekend

I had to work 1/2 day Saturday ( yuck). On my way home from work, I returned a bunch of left over segments from the Cub Scout pack. I got 51.95 in credit :) . Our budget is tight this year, so we are working at not being wasteful with the funds. Plus, who needs a bunch of segments to hang out in the awards box. I came home from work, I made 4 loaves of bread. I worked out in the garden until the rain increased, then came inside.
This morning there was a light must, so I went ahead and hung out a load of laundry. I made pancakes and bacon for the kids. The foster kids were super excited as I was making the pancake batter. The older one was interested in smelling the batter.
The weather did clear up later in the day, I filled a 5 gallon bucket twice with weeds. The garden space is looking good, if I do say so myself :). Tomorrow I am hoping to dig up my strawberry plants that volunteered themselves. I have a friend that would like them.
I noticed that my azalea out front is beginning to bloom

I love this plant when it's in full bloom.
I hung more clothes out on the line. It's breezy out, so who knows. They may be dry when I get up in the morning. Tomorrow is suppose to be in the upper 60's, so we will take advantage of it.
The boys are on spring break, the offered to do the lawn tomorrow, so we will see.

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