Thursday, February 19, 2015

Busy Busy

Things have been moving along here.
We replaced our vanity sink and the light fixture in our bathroom.
I am working on painting the cabinet. It makes all the difference in the worLd.
We are hoping to take down the trees this next week.
I had a job interview yesterday, and another one today. We will see what happens. The one yesterday said they start out for $3 less than I asked for. That puts me at $10 less an hour than what I was making in Seattle. It's a night shift. I don't think I'm going to take it. I am OCD when told, interview is at 1030, and you're 25 minutes late getting to me.
The weather has been beautiful. The temperature is supposed to drop, and it's suppose to be windy this weekend. I will probably bring my hens in the garage, since they are in the dog run with tarps over it. Monday was really windy, it was a pain keeping the tarps down.
I'm off to get my day going.
I will post pics later...


  1. greetings young people, just a quick comment so you know I do actually visit! ha ha ha ha ha

  2. I hate it when interviewers are late!! disrespectful!
    busy busy is great just be sure to "on purpose" take a moment for yourselves! Life is about enjoying too.

  3. Less money AND they started the interview late? Yuck. I'd pass too. Good luck with your job searching!

  4. Yep I passed. I only want to work one, maybe two days a week. I think hubby likes that I am home to bake more 😊