Saturday, February 21, 2015


Thursday evening and Friday, hubby worked on painting the paneling. I had started it, but he took over. I worked on and finished the bathroom cabinet in our room. I finished it yesterday. Hubby attached the new hardware today. We are super excited how it turned out. I will be painting the main bathroom cabinets next.
Last night we went to Lowes and looked at the flooring. They have a much bigger selection of hardwood/laminate than Home Depot. We discussed the pros and cons of them. 
We went back to Lowes, and we found flooring we both like. We also picked out some linoleum tiles that we like. They are bigger ( 18 inches x 18 inches). We will put those in the kitchen. It's not large, so it shouldn't be too difficult. We want to lay them diagonally, just for a different look.
Today we were suppose to have trees removed, however it began to snow. They got one down, and stated they would be back later this week. I am fine with it. I felt bad for the guys, the weather was awful. We did have to move the hens in the garage, as we had to move the dog kennel they were in. Once the trees are down, then we will build their permanent pen. The temps are supposed to be down in the low twenties, and we are suppose to have significant winds tonight thru Monday morning. I have lots of pictures, my goal is to upload them this week.

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  1. Hurray for new flooring! I can't wait to see the pictures!