Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1.

School is keeping me busy and then some.
We have had quite a bit more snow

It's currently 19 degrees out.
We ordered a new washer and dryer today. They hold so much more than the one I have ( it's 3.0, I'm getting 4.8)
We will probably be getting two boys for possible adoption. I will know more in a couple weeks. They are boys. Get along amazingly with my kids. Share a lot of the same interests as well.
Will post more later, for now I need to hit the rack.


  1. How's it going? I was excited to read this news that you might have two new boys! I hope you've had some good news on that front.

  2. I miss my Indiana snows, but I don't miss the hold-over, when it gets dirty and slushy and just won't go away. More boys? Can I drink whatever it is you drink? It must contain a lot of caffeine for energy and I have none. I admire your ability and internal strength to undertake such an important role.