Sunday, January 17, 2016

Plans for this week

So far, school is working out ok. I am fast tracking my math, so as long as I keep above 80% on the quizzes and tests, I don't have to turn in homework and alit of other paperwork busy things. I can do two math classes for the same price
I am ahead in all my classes. My goal is to stay ahead. I hate getting behind. Tomorrow is a holiday ,so unfortunately the testing center is closed. 

I have spent months looking at coffee tables. I would like one for the basement. It's been frustrating as I haven't found one I like. Since hubby and I are resourceful ( or try to be), I think we will just build our own. I have some ideas in mind, so I don't think it will cost all the much. I was looking online to see if anyone was getting rid of/selling lumber. I didn't see anything that would have worked. I did,however come across an ad for cinder blocks. I will contact the individual tomorrow. 

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Hey, that what's available and cinder blocks are useful! Hang in there with school.