Thursday, May 5, 2016

Little by litte

This week I have gotten quite a bit accomplished.
I have hung several loads of cloths outside to dry
Hubby and I went through our Cd's, we cut our collection by over half.
I pulled out the Lego bins and began going through them, pulling out broken pieces/items that did not belong in the tubs
I patched small holes in the larger basement bedroom. My goal is to paint the ceiling and install a ceiling fan. If I have enough time this weekend, I will begin to paint the walls. The boys would like a gray color
I have a box of clothes I need to mail to my friend. She can use them, I can't justify hanging on to them.
I plan on going through our DVDs and get rid of movies that we are not interested in. I don't see the point in keeping things just to keep them. (Except books, we love books). I am happy with how the basement is coming together.
I am going to redo my work schedule and plan on working two days a week. I will work until lunch then leave. I really want to get rid of items we no longer need, but don't want to feel rushed as I go through things.
Depending on the weather, we are hoping to put our garden in. I am hoping to at least get is set up. I can plant next week. I want to get tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, carrots, and onions planted this year. I miss not having fresh vegetables. I am thinking of planting an herb garden on the north side of the house. It gets some sun, but doesn't get blistering hot.
If I get around to it, I will post pictures this weekend.

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