Sunday, May 15, 2016

This week

Got a lot done. The weather warmed up. Our riding lawnmower is broken, so I used the push mower to mow the back forty. Our lot is an acre...

It only took 4 hours..that was just the back.
I finished the dresser, I will post pictures of it later. The basement bedroom looks good. We are happy how it turned out. 
Jason and the boys helped the neighbor take down a tree. As the boys were helping clean up, the decided to pull out the stumps. Some were from last year.

As they were pulling the stumps,they pulled up the sprinkler line

See the white line in the middle of the picture...oops! Easy fix..
Thomas decided to try our the lawn mower the neighbor gave them. It's wasn't running when they received it. The neighbor that gave it to them is excited they got it running. 

There is still quite the mess. They boys volunteered to clean it up tomorow.

This picture is just because...rough life

I was in the mood to cook today


Who doesn't love homemade bread?!

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