Monday, February 18, 2013


This spring, once J returns from school; we plan on finishing the remodel on our kitchen. We have done it in bits and pieces. The next plan is to raise the ceiling and replace the 1970's cabinets.
Here are some lovely before pictures.

The cabinets are painted white. When we bought the house, the counter tops were a lovely
shade of yellow ( sponge yellow that is) and the cabinets were a dark brown. My kitchen is not very big, so J and I thought we would paint them and replace the hardward- to give them a different look.
The ceilind is dropped, we will be raising it and replacing the light fixtures ( happy dance for me!) I have the new base cabinets. Once we have raised the ceiling, we will get the uppers. I want to make sure we dont have any wasted space!

These are the cabinets J and the older boys built over the summer. See where my phone is?  I want to eventually remove part of that wall and open it up into the dining room. Its not load bearing so with my luck it should not be a problem ( ha ha ha).


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