Sunday, February 10, 2013

old pics of the garden and back yard

Here are one of my raised beds. This one contains my strawberries. I started out with eight plants. They spread, and now fill the whole area.

This is my bigger raised garden. It is 14 feet x 16 feet. We are going to expand it this spring. The space between our property and the garden is 37 inches. We will remove the back part of the garden fence so I can plant in that area. We will be bringing the garden out another 5 feet. It is in the southwest crner of my lot. It gets sun most of the day. I have had really good luck with vegetables in it.

The picute above is my wash tub- tomatoe planter. That wash tub is old- my dad used to bath in it when he was a kid! Several years ago, we had a freak cold snap. I was using the tub as a water dish from my big dogs. There was only a few inches of water in it. One nite it froze ( i believe the temps were single digits) and the water froze. When it froze ,the ice put holes in the bottom of the tub.
The following spring, I placed gravel in the bottom, a little compost then added dirt. It has been a great planter.
The orange bucket in the back of the picture is another planter I use for tomatoes as well.

This picture is from last spring. It was taken from my upper patio. My big corner garden is in the upper right hand side of the picture.

The chicken coup is located on the North side of my hosue. This picure was taken before we expanded the pen.

Here is a picture, after we expanded the pen. The hens did not have enough room. I will add a couple more hens this sprng, as some of the flock is getting old. With 5 boys ( three teenagers) we really go through the eggs...

Later this spring I will try to take more pictures to get a better lay out of our yard.
Front and back..

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