Sunday, March 15, 2015

Before and After

  So, many of my neighbors have told my husband and I its been 15-20 years since anyone has done much with our house, inside or out.
After spending most of the week working on the back yard alone, I believe it. I made I don't know how many trips to the dump ( Friday I made four trips, Saturday one. I made at least two Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday).

Today I finally got around to downloading the pictures from my phone and ipad. Tomorrow I will get around to downloading the ones from my camera.

Here are some before pictures of the backyard.

Please notice all the trees. And the leaves.
Two of the trees in back of our house were half dead.
We had them taken down, and we took some trees down on our own.

It looks so much more open. We have the chicken coop done and the run is fenced in for the birds. We will be borrowing a trailer this weekend to hopefully get rid of the rest of the limbs. In the back of the lot we created a compost pile. I bought some worms from walmart yesterday and added them to the pile. I then covered it with a tarp. We have magpies here, I don't want them eating my worms.
My goals for this week are to finish up the back yard and to add more items to my garage sale pile. My goal is to have the garage sale in a month. I added quite a bit to the pile a couple weeks ago. I am going to go through the totes again, as I still feel as if we have too much stuff. No use in keeping stuff I don't need!


  1. I bought my house 4 years ago and haven't taken a week off since! You guys pace yourself and don't let all that needs to be done overwhelm you! It's easy to do, trust me........

  2. Looking good! Be sure to enjoy some off time...the work will always be there.

  3. It does look so much more open! Glad that you're able to make good progress.

  4. I have enjoyed checking out your blog over the past year or so and I agree with other comments: all work and no play is not good so do take time out for yourselves.