Monday, April 6, 2015


We have had several projects going on here.
We have slowed down. Mostly because we are waiting for the weather to warm up.
My two older boys are also down here for the week. We are all enjoying each others company.
I need to touch up the stain on my kitchen cabinets. 
We also need to lay new flooring. I have the flooring. I got it on clearance at Lowes . It is a big enough piece of linoleum to do both bathrooms, as they are small.

Here are some pictures for the upstairs bathroom.
Yes, my animal like to photo bomb.

These are the main bathroom upstairs, before I painted the cabinets.


Here are the after pictures.

I did change out the hardward. Eventually the mirror will go and we will get two smaller mirrors or cabinets. We are also planning on changing out the counter top and the sink.

My bathroom, before and after pictures. The top one is with the new medicine cabinet.

Here are the pics of the new cabinet, painted vanity and new sink.
We replaced the light fixture too!


  1. Looks real nice young people! Wish you lived near me and wanted extra cash! I got enough "projects" to last me til I am a 100 years old! Nice job.

  2. Thanks! Hubby and I looked up Las Vegas. It would take us 6 1/2 hours to drive there :). We are planning a little family trip before son #2 goes into the Navy.

  3. In my prior home, I LOVED doing what you're doing now. In my present home, I laid some of Lowe's "press and seal" vinyl tiles in Joe's bathroom and had fun while doing it. Then I went on a painting rampage where I mixed my own colors. Trouble was, I made it to the last two walls IN THE LIVING ROOM, and ran out of paint. Since I'm the one who mixed the color, there's no way I can match it.......thank god I'm at the age where I can live with it without stressing over it.

  4. Great changes!! I love the difference that new paint makes to your bathroom cabinets.