Sunday, April 12, 2015

Cabinets and sprinklers

Well, when we moved into this house, I noticed that the kitchen cabinets were in some need of TLC.
Today I went in the laundry room and found some cans of stain the previous homeowner left. One of them actually matched the cabinets. A couple weeks ago, I washed and sanded the cabinets. Today I began touching them up and staining the two we replaced.
It's looking good. The only drawback is I ran out of stain.
Tomorrow I will be going to the store to buy some more. The weather is suppose to turn chilly after tomorrow, so I may just wait until it warms up again.
Hubby got the sprinklers in the front yard fixed ( good thing I now have a job,lol). I will now run that section into a flower bed as well. It was dug up when we moved in. I may need to purchase dirt to fill and level out that side.


  1. Oh, what busy people you are. We have lived in our present home for 41 years and the thought of moving for we two oldies is terrifying but I can enjoy seeing all you are doing in your new home.

    1. We were in our last house for ten years. We weren't planning on moving. So, that's the goal for this one. Not to move :)