Sunday, November 29, 2015

Moving forward

The boys have RC cars. The type if you break a part, you can replace it.they have battery and a nitro powered one.
They had been discussing buying a go cart. They found one and brought it home. It needed a new engine,which Andrew purchased.

They hit some snags installing it and asked their dad for help. Which he went outside and showed them some steps they missed.

A few weeks later Thomas bought one.

This one also needs a new engine. Thomas will be rebuilding it instead of replacing it. It's a fraction of the cost to rebuild. He and Andrew are both excited to learn how to do it. It's been snowy here, the kids have had a blast in the go carts with the snow. I may need to expand the garage.
   As for replacing the flooring upstairs, we are done. We need to install some trim pieces, but the big parts are done. I love the new flooring. So much easier to keep clean.

Here is the dining room. We did get the transition pieces put in
Here are some pictures of the snow.

I love the moon.

The chickens aren't impressed. We bought a bale of straw yesterday and put it out. The hens did come out of their house for a bit. Next spring we will build an awning out there. It will serve a couple purposes. One, keep the snow off, two provide shade from the sun. Last year we didn't have that much snow. We will see what this winter brings. They are predicting more snow today.

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