Sunday, November 15, 2015

Slowly but surely

We did tons of work yesterday. The boys worked on the yard. Jason and I worked on the flooring. Hubby ended up recruiting TJ to help. I did the kitchen, they worked on the hallway living room.

I taped up the counter tops and back splash so I could re-texture the walls.

This is a picture of in progress...

Getting closer.. As this was drying I decided to play with the linoleum tiles.

I thought a diagonal pattern would be an interesting visual.

I'm super happy how this turned out. The kitchen looks brighter as well.

The hallway was a bit of a challenge. Not only are there crazy corners, the hallway is 2 1/2 inches wider at one end than the other.

Jason is hoping to have the living room done tomorrow.
Today, we are doing nothing- watching tv.

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