Saturday, December 31, 2016

Last Day of 2016

Well, here is the last day of 2016.

Jason and I are happy we accomplished most of our goals here around the house.
We got most of the windows changed out, put in a garden,took down a tree, planted another in its place.  We didnt have to spend as much on the sprinkler system this year.

Our goal for this next year is to take down several trees along the fence line in the back and plant fruit trees, expand out the garden, make an additional garden area along the north side of the house, and replace the rest of the windows (there are 6). We also need to gut the bathroom in the basement.

I am looking forward to my other son getting his license, then he can drive himself around.
The other boys are already planning on playing football, so as soon as things defrost here (it was 17 degrees when i awoke, there is still freezing fog outside. Visibility stinks). We are suppose to get hit with more snow tomorrow thru Monday. It will be interesting to see what accrues.

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  1. Sounds like you had a good 2016 and will have an even better 2017, may it be a productive, happy one!