Thursday, December 22, 2016


From time to time, I get tired of looking at crap that accumulates.
Yesterday morning, I emptied out my kitchen drawers. I reduced the amount of stuff by half. I also went through my cups, got rid of some of those too.
I went they my closet, Jason went through his. We have two black garbage bags of clothes to donate. My kids went thru their hackers, gloves and hats. I took a decent sized box to the DCFS office. They will be given to foster kids. I have a storage space under my stairs. I found a tote with tons of school supplies. The excess also went to DCFS. They were very appreciative. I work tomorrow, and am then off the next 3 days. My goal is to finish going through the items under that storage area.we are suppose to get hit with snow ( anywhere from 7-15 inches), I figure  this is a good time for this project. I just as if we have too much stuff. It felt good to get rid of what I did. I think that with some items, I will try to sell. If I can make some money off of it, that's better than nothing. 

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  1. just catching up on my blogs and thought I would say Hi! I do actually read your posts but seldom comment. I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday .