Tuesday, December 27, 2016

trip to Ogden

Christmas Eve my oldest son was under the weather. We took a trip to downtown Ogden. It was cloud, drizzly and chilly. The streets were practically empty.

The building to the left is the Ben Lemmond Hotel. It is a historic site. The Wasatch mountains are behind the buildings.
We walked down historic 25th street towards Union Station.

This steam engine was huge! The wheels were taller than us. Union Station has a covered area for these trains to sit under, which is great considering the amount of snow we can get.
The boys spent quite a while looking at the mechanisims of the trains.

There was a small Christmas village set up, I didnt get pictures of that because my camera died. When we were done walking around, we went to Farr's ice cream It is by the Ogden LDS temple They have the best ice cream I have ever had. There was one other family in there besides us. They dont have a big eating area, so between our family and the other one it was full. By the time we left, it began to rain, and the clouds hid the mountains. We are hoping to go back this week so we can see the Christmas village at night.

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