Sunday, August 11, 2013

Adoption party!

As some of you know, we adopted one of our foster kiddos the end of June.  Due to work, hubby's National Guard duties, Boy scout and Cub scout camps, we are just now doing a party celebrating his adoption.
I have been looking at Pinterest and the internet for ideas, but nothing has really jumped out at me. Most the ideas are based on girls and younger kids. RJ is 11. I want it to be age appropriate.
Then I had what I think is a good idea. I told RJ to decide what food he wants, and we will build the theme around that. I know I will buy pieces of PVC pipe for the kids to make marshmallow guns. I told him my thoughts, he seems happy with them. One idea was if we BBQ hamburgers/hot dogs, it can be an all American theme.  If he picks foods from around the world, we can use that and say, " love knows no boundaries". First things first, RJ has to pick out the menu.
The party will be the end of the month, just before school starts ( where has the summer gone already- I don't want it to start yet!)
I'll will have to begin looking up decoration ideas too. Think I'll head up to Hobby Lobby and check out their party supplies,along with PartyCity.
I will post my ideas later!

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  1. Oooo! What fun to have a party to plan for. I am looking forward to seeing what RJ chooses for the menu and what you do with the theme after that. It's so much easier to plan a party when there is a theme. I've never heard of a marshmallow gun. Remember to take pictures!